Saturday, April 6, 2013

March Madness

Sun. Fun. Bit of rain. And more sun!

An eventful March rolled on. The Big Match season, meeting your long lost friends from school, final month at work and moved to a new home. Some would say it was a very emotional month ha!

Awurudu came a bit early for me

There is nothing like - The Big Match. After leaving College I have looked forward to the Big Match, like never before. It is the only time until the next one you get to meet your batch-mates share those awesome stories and above all to have an epic three days. Which we did! The only difference however is they come with their girlfriends and me ... well I never had one. It is a good thing right, Right!? Worth doing a future post on this. The good times got better with the arrival of rain in the evening and we did this,

When the match stops, we start the party.

Like little kids without thinking ahead, like how in the hell are we going to get home in public transport covered in mud? The three magical days at SSC makes you do a lot of things you thought you can not.

Leaving the home after two decades is hard but the memories remain. The worst part is packing away the wanted and unwanted stuff. My mother almost put away my 'unwanted' A/L books. That's what she thinks. Unwanted?! what does that supposed to mean. When you live with these books, when you sacrifice three years of your life, they become part of your life, even after the exams. It holds a sentimental value! Parting with them I can not do.
Good old times

And the final days at work was hectic. Learnt a lot on different aspects in the field of my work, not many would get to analyse and report on big companies in Sri Lanka and around the world at a very young age. One thing I enjoyed most was the volatile relationship I had with one of the senior managers - a dictator in the making. Nobody stood up to him and the guy was shocked when I did so. The only regret, not being able to continue the battle. 

Don't you like this unbearable heat? I do. Even as you finish reading you may be sweating and a shower sometimes worsens the situation. But it kind of tests your ability to work through tough time and your survival mode. Embrace it!

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